Stock the Choc

In the UK, we spend £3.4 billion per year on chocolate! But currently less than 1% of these sales are made up of Fairtrade products.

YOU can make a difference by getting involved with ‘Stock The Choc’! Remember: the more places that sell Dubble and Divine, the more people will buy it, meaning more money and benefits for cocoa farmers.The 45 000 cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, who grow all the beans for Dubble and Divine, would love to sell all of their cocoa beans to Fairtrade companies… but there isn’t enough demand for Fairtrade chocolate. You can change this!

“Isn’t it funny how having a piece of chocolate can put a smile on your face – but wouldn’t it taste all the sweeter knowing that the people who made it were smiling too?"

Freema Agyeman,
star of Dr Who and Torchwood