Dubble Story

This is the totally true story of how Dubble chocolate was born and why it is so dubbly good – delicious chocolate for you and guaranteed fair play for cocoa growers. Click on the chunks to jump to any chapter of the story.


  1. YOU!are the inspiration behind the name, taste and wrapper for Dubble. You have the power to give this story a next chapter or sequel!
  2. Kuapa Kokoois a co-operative of over 45,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana (West Africa) who grow the cocoa beans and co-own the company that makes Dubble and Divine Chocolate.
  3. Divine Chocolate Ltdis the company that makes yummy Divine and Dubble chocolate and is the first farmer-owned Fairtrade chocolate company.
  4. Comic Reliefbrings you Red Nose Day and Sport Relief and is seriously committed to helping end poverty and social injustice in developing countries. Comic Relief helped to launch Dubble and supports Fairtrade as a way to end poverty.